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A New Luxury Picnic for Lovers of Contrast

A quick google search will reveal that the pandemic has ushered in a new event industry with a speed and force unlike anything we've seen before. Luxury picnic companies are springing up like wild flowers all over the US and beyond and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of this movement.

We first toyed with the idea of starting a luxury picnic company back in 2019.  We are creatives with a long time love for picnics and some background in executing small events and launching start ups.  When we first thought of the idea we knew a small picnic business would be the ideal gig for us so we were eager to start crafting our business plan.  Then, Covid-19 hit. After hitting the pause button to gain footing on how we were going to do life in our new pandemic changed world, we came back in 2021 ready to pick up where we left off.  When we took a closer look at the market we discovered there were literally hundreds of like minded people charting the very same course we were on. This amazing picnic explosion, that seemed to happen overnight, was very exciting to us but also a bit unnerving.  We had to really buckle down and figure out our place and what value we could bring to the table. 

Our first step was putting pen to paper and establishing some very basic business principles and values that would not be easily manipulated by changing trends or changing times and would give our 2 person operation relevance, organization & direction for the long haul.  Our values are simple but they are a
t the core of everything we do. We serve with a focus on (1) building strong relationships, (2) providing thoughtful experiences & (3) simplifying lifestyles with one simple pleasure... the picnic.

With values in place we unleashed our creative minds and set out to build our brand.  What we ended up with was an interesting web of visual juxtapositions.  Upon close inspection you will see that we are inspired by ideas that seem to compete:black vs. white, new vs. aged, fancy vs. plain, casual vs. formal, old school vs. new school, abundance vs. minimalism & unremarkable vs. striking. To us, these ideas mirror aspects of the human journey and offer a sense of familiarity and belonging that you can feel when you sit down for your picnic adventure. 

The feelings & experiences I've had while laying the foundation for this business have been all over the place. I imagine what I'm going through might be similar to what a first time sky diver goes through in the moments before they jump out of the plane.  There's nervousness, doubt, adrenaline rushing, excitement, sweating, a WHOLE lot of praying 🙏🏾, doubt and more doubt.  Then, there's the jump.  And this is where things get real.Y'all, I just jumped without a parachute & now I'm on a journey into a relatively new niche of small event planning that people around the world are 🖤ing.  

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