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let's collaborate

The Best Collaborations Create Something Bigger
Than The Sum of What Each Person Can Create On Their Own

Why should brands collaborate?
Because it can give them an opportunity to showcase their products, services or brand in a fresh new way.  A collaboration can also be used to motivate their existing customers or followers to purchase again or re-engage.  It may also help everyone diversify and reach a new audience.

What are other important benefits?
Increased Sales or Exposure
Network / Social Media Growth
Shared Resource Pool

What value does Picnik Society offer?
- a styled pop-up picnic experience with a unique POV
- brand exposure to 700+ local fans
- opportunities for B2B vendor integration
- engagement with your social networks
- time + cost savings and a seamless experience
- reliable, professional, friendly

How can we collaborate?
We've provided some general ideas in the link below. Have your own ideas? We'd love to hear about them.  Click the Home link below.  Then click Get Started to share your ideas.


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