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Picnic Attire

What you wear to your picnic is entirely up to you, but we want to share a few recommendations that might bring added comfort to your experience. Most of what we'll share will sound like common sense to outdoor socialites and picnic pros, but if you need some pointers keep reading.

Since this is a luxury picnic can we all agree that we should be stepping up our wardrobe game just a bit for the occassion? Yes? Ok, great. Now that we've put it out there let's explain what stepping up your game does not mean. It doesn't mean you need to be wearing heels or ties, unless getting your shoe stuck in the ground or being squeezed around the neck sounds like good times to you. If so, by all means do you! To us, stepping up our wardrobe game just means we want to look pulled together and neat, like we've spent some time thinking about our appearance. Take a cue from the stylish 1950's photo posted at the bottom of this page and when in doubt, remember, simple is probably better.

Now let's get into specifics. When it comes to picnic attire much will depend on whether it is indoors or outdoors. Assuming you've got a handle on what to do if you're inside we're going to focus our attention on outdoor events. When choosing your outfit for a summer picnic go for thinner and lighter weight fabrics. Stick to classic shorts, roomy pants, short sleeves, skirts, dressy rompers or sun/midi dresses. For extra clarification, muscle shirts are a no go. For fall think about adding an outer layer to your lighter or medium weight clothing. A long sleeve button up, sweater, denim jacket or cardigan would probably fit the bill as they can be added or removed with ease. If it's spring just adjust your wardrobe colour palate and follow either the fall or summer recommendations, depending on whether it's early or late spring. And for winter you'll definitely want to think about layers again. Pull out your heavier and thicker outer wear to ensure you're warm enough. Sweaters, stylish sweatshirts, relaxed blazers and warm socks are a must if you're adventurous enough to brave an outdoor picnic in the winter.

No matter the season, it's important to wear looser fitting clothes that are easy to sit on the ground in, don't get tighter around the waist as you eat and make you look and feel amazing.

Photo by Brett Jordan


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