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Why Plan a Picnik Society Picnic

It goes without saying that holidays and special events are the perfect opportunity to plan a unique and fun luxury picnic. In fact, we are on a mission to help you level up those date nights, girls nights, father's day celebrations, birthdays and more. However, picnics aren't just for special occasions. We believe they are for EVERY occasion. In fact, picnics are even more of a treat when you have them "just because" and when they become a life norm.

At Picnik Society we hope to inspire a movement that shifts how people think about being with one another. Many of us are hardwired to think that special experiences with friends and loved ones must be connected to some momentous calendar date. But why? Why do we live this way? Not sure? Us either. We believe society may have it all wrong. We say make every day memorable and do it with loved ones and a picnic.

Still feel like you need a special reason to have a picnic? Keep reading. We've got some food for thought that we hope you'll draw some inspiration from:

1. Thinking about planning another New Years Eve party for your friends this year? I'm guessing you've been there done that. You could absolutely throw a New Years Eve picnic or scratch the whole idea entirely and give your friends a new experience for a change. Why not kick off summer, winter, spring or fall with an amazing seasons picnic instead? Imagine the looks on their faces when you send an invite that reads, "It's Fall Y'all. Let's Celebrate." Trust and believe it will be a welcomed change for everyone.

2. Is your sister coming in town for a short visit and you haven't seen her in a while? Plan a welcome picnic to let her know you're excited to see her.

3. Looking for a beautiful and unique way to commemorate a loved one? Opt to celebrate their life with a memorial picnic.

4. Have a friend that is moving across country? Throw them a going away picnic.

5. Looking for a way to reconnect with a few of your favorite cousins or high school buddies? Plan a reunion picnic.

6. When work and life gets busy and you're trying to figure out what to do to slow things down again, pick a weekend to book a relaxing picnic for the fam.

7. If your office team just scored a major account celebrate with a picnic on the office lawn.

8. When your book club members or game night crew want to change the vibe of the next meet up, why not suggest a picnic?

9. If your spouse just landed that new higher paying job, surprise them with a promotion picnic.

10. Getting married? Treat your bridesmaids to a luxury lunch after you've wrapped an afternoon of dress shopping. Or plan a relaxing date night for you and your fiancé when you are up to your neck in plans and just need time to be together.

11. When you want to take your next airbnb staycation/vacation to another level, send us the entry directions to your airbnb and we'll have your picnic waiting for you when you arrive.

We believe that life is meant to be lived with vigor and on occasion with complete abandon for what's expected. You don't have to wait for a perfect occasion. Life is so much sweeter when you do the unexpected!


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