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Make Memories

Some of the best memories are made when we are having fun. And a "luxury" picnic is the perfect opportunity to do just that. At Picnik Society we encourage you to seize the moment and embrace the joy that comes with reconnecting with your inner child, letting down your guard and just being in the moment.

We've curated a list of activities that are easily incorporated into picnics. We hope some of these ideas will inspire you to relax, laugh and smile. Use what feels right for your specific picnic occasion and ditch what doesn't work.

  1. Have conversations & talk life (connect cards come with your picnic - we've got this covered).

  2. People watch.

  3. Read.

  4. Cloud gaze.

  5. Play I Spy.

  6. Share jokes and riddles.

  7. Bird watch.

  8. Draw or color.

  9. Play games (don't drag a box of games with you, remember we have a game package add-on).

  10. Reminisce or tell stories.

  11. Watch a mini movie on your tablet.

  12. Fly a kite.

  13. Make music (bring along a guitar, sing or have an impromptu jam session with friends).

  14. Dance (slow dance with your significant other or have an 80's dance off with your crew).

  15. Have a photo shoot with your mobile camera and be sure to tag us in your photos.

  16. Create a fancy dress up theme for your guests. Try a decade theme such as the 50's or 60's. Or use a color theme. We love black for fall/winter & white for spring/summer. Surprised?

  17. Have a show and tell (all guests bring an item of importance & share why it's important).

  18. Listen to music (use the playlist on your cell or check out our add ons for some old school fun).

Photo by Valient Made


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